This past year has seen the rise of what some deem to be populism in the US and abroad, citing examples like the meteoric rise of Donald Trump in the United States and the historical United Kingdom vote to exit the European Union.

Have you been looking for an opportunity to share your thoughts on Brexit, populism, nationalism, and/or globalism? Participate in our Fall 2016 Essay Contest by submitting a short written piece to the Undergraduate Berkeley Economic Review.

Prompt: “In your opinion, what are some of the underlying economic issues that caused a majority of British voters to choose to leave the European Union? Consider also some of the observed short-term and potential long-term economic consequences of Brexit.”

Grand Prize – $50 Amazon gift card
Second Place – $25 Amazon gift card
Third Place – $10 Amazon gift card
We will publish the top 5-6 responses, as space permits.

Please limit your responses to between 200-500 words. Submit your responses to
Deadline: Sunday, October 30 at 11:59pm

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